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5 surefire tips for selling to C-Level Executives

5 surefire tips for selling to C-Level Executives

Selling to the decision makers of an organization can be one of the toughest tasks for the sales people. It, therefore, becomes necessary to apply a planned approach to ensure positive results.

We present five surefire tips that will boost your chances of closing a deal with C-Suite level executives.

Here we go…

  1. Treat gatekeepers with respect

Instead of considering a gatekeeper as a threat, you can take his or her support to get to the top management. Make sure to treat him/her with proper respect in order to receive their help in persuading the C-Suite executives.

  1. Give special emphasis on research

Apart from learning about the top executives through annual reports, company’s website, and LinkedIn, you must also connect with their business managers. Analyzing the whitepaper written by them will also help in understanding their objectives.

  1. Dress effectively

If you want to impress a CEO, you need to dress like one. Present yourself in a well-groomed and polished manner to leave a positive impression on the prospect.

  1. Reflect how they can boost the revenue

People at the top of the management will take more interest in service or product offered by you if they are able to enhance their revenue from it. If your product allows the clients in reducing their costs, be clear during the explanation

  1. Indulge in practical training from a reputed institute

A practical training from a reputed firm will not only help in strengthening the relationship with the C-Suite but will also help you in becoming a leader among the team of sales professionals.

You can transform your C-Suite sales skills by joining training sessions from Sales Mastery Institute.

How to master the account management skills?

How to master the account management skills?

Account management is an art which requires regular practice to achieve mastery. You must also implement a set of techniques to maintain healthy relationships with your clients.

Some essential techniques for handling the clients like a pro are discussed below.

Learn ins and outs of your client’s business

This includes having detailed knowledge of your client’s business objectives, types of customers they deal with, and current scenario of their business. This will help in delivering the service in a streamlined manner.

Reflect your passion

Clients love to work with professionals who are passionate and enthusiastic. This strategy makes sure that in the event of an error related to product and service, the impact is minimized.

Customize plan of action

As the business of every client is different, it is necessary to custom design the strategies for each client on the basis of their expectations.

Consult the client on an array of subjects

Other than offering advice on the service offered from your end, do not hesitate in consulting the client on topics that are not directly associated with your vertical. For becoming a trusted consultant, you need to learn insights about your client’s industry.

Deliver the best

At the end, nothing beats the superior quality of the product or service. Keep track of the quality management practices used by your company to ensure that the client receives the finest product.

Apart from implementing these techniques, you can go for professional training on effective account management from Sales Mastery Institute (SMI).