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Build Instant Rapport with C-Level Executives

Build Instant Rapport with C-Level Executives

Ever notice how certain people get along better than others.  Each executive has his or her own chemistry. You must match yours to theirs or they’ll feel uncomfortable answering your questions, which also mean they’ll never believe what you say.

Today’s sales nugget from my book Take Me to Your Leaders, helps you identify C-Suite executives chemistries for engaging so you can match yours to theirs to establish instant rapport.

4 Key Gauges for Interaction

  • Pace – Does s/he speak quickly or slowly?
  • Results – Is her description of issues / wants detailed or in general terms?
  • Social – Does he talk one-on-one, or does he bring a group?
  • Risk Tolerance – Does he want a solution that fixes the problem(loss avoidance) or an alternative that takes him to the next level (gainer)?

Observe your executive when he answers questions, and you’ll be able to gauge him. Then adjust your gauges to his chemistry. He’ll feel comfortable with you and listen and trust what you say.

As An Example

During an interview with an executive, he talks quickly, in broad generalities, with his two VPs present, and his main concern is that it better help them beat competition.

Your presentation to him should be with your team in front of his associates to offer the facts quickly, and boast about all the great things it will do for them; forget explaining the specific details of how.

Don’t Let Your Hard-Earned Relationship Stagnate

Don’t Let Your Hard-Earned Relationship Stagnate

Sales people continually tell me they have great relationships with their clients’ C-Level executives.  Well, here is the test.

What have you done for your executive lately?

What has your executive done for you lately?

This is the win-win bond that defines a positive professional executive relationship.

Today’s sales nugget from my book Take Me to Your Leaders reminds you to keep your guard up; competitors will move in quickly if you don’t maintain your professional relationships.

The executive has approved and bought your product/service, and now is the time to cement your professional relationship.

  • Deliver and remind him you worked hard to make it happen.
  • Provide continued results that offer “positive professional impacts,”
  • Keep asking questions to stay current on needs and expectations,
  • Make a specific plan for ongoing contact and meetings – not necessarily social contact;
  • If the C- level is pleased (when asked) with the results you’ve been delivering, then ask for more business,

Don’t slack off or competitors will find an opening — relationships are assets to maintain and reassess frequently.