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11 Techniques for Sales Professionals to Boost Confidence Levels

11 Techniques for Sales Professionals to Boost Confidence Levels

11 Techniques for Sales Professionals to Boost Confidence Levels

What if I tell you that by boosting your confidence to a substantial level, you can have an edge over majority of your competitors?

And yeah, by implementing a set of multiple techniques, you can effectively raise the level of your confidence.

Some of these essential techniques include:

  1. Learn how the customers of your client can attain benefits (direct or indirect) from the product/service you are selling.
  1. Don’t forget the age-old fact that a person’s name is the sweetest sound for him. Therefore, use the name of the prospect on regular basis.
  1. Practice makes a salesman perfect! Therefore, rehearse as much as possible to fill your mind with oodles of confidence.
  1. Asking questions directly boosts your confidence. Make the habit of using “Why” and “How so” in your conversations to maintain the flow of the conversation.
  1. By complementing others, you can raise your own confidence levels, too. Keep a keen eye to notice the positive qualities of a person, so that the compliment sounds natural.
  1. When you surround yourself with positive people, you automatically start feeling motivated. This also ensures that you start experiencing an increase in the energy level.
  1. By putting yourself into a constant learning mode, you can experience a positive change in your personality. And this directly acts as a booster dose for raising the confidence.
  1. Enroll yourself for a seminar that can guide you through the ins and outs of selling.
  1. Visualize each sales opportunity as an interesting game. This will minimize the nervousness and help you in persuading the prospect seamlessly.
  1. Learn as much as you can about the industry of your potential client. This will not only make you confident but will ensure that the prospect takes you more seriously.
  1. Considering even the tiniest things as a part of success keeps you motivated throughout the sales cycle.
Talk to C-Levels about What Really Matters Now

Talk to C-Levels about What Really Matters Now

Today’s sales nugget from Sam Manfer’s book, Take Me to Your Leaders, reminds you that every executive is different, and it can be deadly to spout the “same old party line rhetoric” to everyone.

Typically C-levels, CEOs, CFOs, senior VPs, care about corporate survival, competition, market share, and profit/loss. Mid-level managers discuss quotas, budgets, costs, performance, and immediate subordinates. Lower-levels worry about current projects and functional responsibilities. This is the 80/20 rule and tempts lots of sales people to skip the preliminary investigation and go right to their stock presentation.  Unfortunately, when you’re talking with one of these key influencers you don’t know whether you have the 80% in front of you or the 20% in front of you.

Additionally, even if you have the typical person, everyone has his or her own hot buttons making some of the typical stuff more important than some of the other typical stuff.   And then, depending on the moment, what was a high priority yesterday may not be the priority of today. And then, if s/he hasn’t told you the issues de jour, how does s/he know you know.

So play it smart.  Don’t jump to the “party line” value proposition or your “features” and “benefits.” and run the risk of losing your credibility and the executive’s interest. Always do the ground work.  Learn each person’s concerns, and/or confirm what was said last time you spoke.  Then spin your presentation to show each person individually how to win with your offering.