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What Prevents Sales Success

What Prevents Sales Success

Selling today is the science of winning buyers over …. Not convincing them.

Not asking client focused questions.

Sellers must ask questions first and these questions must be centered around the buyer – not you or your product. e.g. “What are your challenges as it relates to such and such?” Notice, there are no I’s, we’s, me’s or first persons in this question.

This takes a bit of confidence.  When a CEO or high Government official says, “Tell me what you have for me.”  It takes courage to say (in so many words), “Now hold on.  First I need to ask you some questions.”

Why do you want to ask these questions? So that you can learn or confirm what this individual wants solved or delivered.  More importantly, this individual needs to know that you know what s/he wants.  And the only way to accomplish this is to have him or her tell you.

High level people are intimidating and when they say “Speak” people speak.  Unfortunately, this prevents the sales person from learning what’s really important to this exec and what it will take to win him over.  Consequently the buyer wins control. S/he gets all the info and the sales person learns little.

Not focusing on the benefits of their products

One has to know what his product does and then promote that.  What problems does it solve? What desires does it deliver?  I call this your “Solution Portfolio”.  Don’t tell someone what you have.  Tell what it will do for him or her.

Then, if you can’t muster up a client focused question, you can at least lead with a solution.  And when the prospect says, “Does it have xyz feature?” or “Tell me about this or that,” instead of saying yes or no and then elaborating, your response should be, “What are you hoping that will do for you?” or “How come you are interested in the xyz feature?”

 Lack of sales training creates lack of motivation

One of the biggest motivation factors is expertise, especially for millennials.  Professionals want to be proficient and knowledgeable about what they offer customers. They want to be seen as experts and consultants. If they are just hyped by the marketing department about the features of the product and why it’s better than competitors’, they become an annoying walking commercial.  This is the biggest reason sales people fail and become demotivated.

Sales people have to learn how to sell, otherwise they become marketers.  An individual might have spent a lot of years in the field, but selling is very different than years ago.  Besides, experience is not the same as expertise.

Expertise can be gained by first learning the strategies, tactics and techniques of today. Then learning how to customizing it to one’s style and then implementing it.  Sales Mastery Institute conducts seminars where sales people and managers learn what to do and how to become proficient and successful.  SMI seminars are held in Chicago related to C-level selling, territory management, account management, and effective sales calls.

What makes sam manfer’s sales seminars successful?

What makes sam manfer’s sales seminars successful?

Success in every process is a result knowing and understanding the effects of all the elements of the process and then aggressively implementing them.  Like any successful endeavor, one cannot coach themselves, be it in sports, education, or learning how to execute selling processes successfully.

Sam Manfer has been a winning coach who has turned thousands of average sales professionals and sales managers into star performers of their respective firms.  Here is what makes these seminars of Sam Manfer worth attending.

First, sales seminars by Sam Manfer present the tactics and strategies of proven sales processes using the actual situations of the sales people’s customers and industries; then each individuals is mentored by Sam and his/her associates and his/her manager on how to implement these tactics and strategies:  then Sam coaches (offers suggestions) to participants on what to do in actual tough and challenging circumstances, again using their actual accounts and prospects; and finally, shows mangers and sale professionals how to hold each other accountable for the continuing execution of the tactics and strategies of the selling processes.

These tested and proven sales processes include:

Rewarding Prospecting and Thriving Territory Management,
Winning Selling Strategies,
Engaging Sales Calls and Persuasive Presentations,
Interactive C-Suite Selling and Establishing Highly-Leveragable C-Level Relationship,
Productive Large Account Management for Cross-Selling and Preferred Vendor Status,
Effective Sales Management.

Implementation of unique methods

From the use of “Opportunity Matrix” for securing more closable prospects, to “The Trinity Method” for overcoming C-level executives intimidation, Sam uses innovative and unique techniques, strategies and tactics developed from proven and tested psychological and sociological findings for working with 21st Century  buyers.

Small group sizes

To make sure that each participant grabs each and every point in a clearer manner, the size of the group is kept to a maximum of 25 participants.These individual are then subdivided into small teams of 5-7 individuals to insure everyone gets attention and support from each other, their manager and Sam.

Emphasis on the sales professional feeling competent and comfortable

To ensure participants become comfortable in handling all sorts of situations, Sam works with the sales professionals using their actual accounts and selling situations.  Additionally their small group and manager participate in helping the individual structure implementation to his/her own personal style. In this way the sales person hits the ground running with actual plans and strategies for sales calls the next day.  The closing results of these sales endeavors alone pay for the cost of the seminar.

Focus on achieving faster, easier, and more profitable sales

The use of a repeatable, trainable, systematic approach taught by Sam helps the sale professionals and managers continue to prosper.  Sales close faster. Closing rates exceed 70%.  Pricing objections are eliminated. Profitability is raised, and commissions soar to new levels after learning the secrets from Sam Manfer’s  selling seminars.

Sales seminars by Sam Manfer can prove to be a turning point in the career of sales professionals and Sales Managers.

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