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How to become the master of B2B selling?

How to become the master of B2B selling?

B2B selling is very different than B2C. The reason is there are multiple decision-makers who then influence the ultimate decision maker.  That’s why B2B is called a complex sale. If done correctly, B2B can be very rewarding.  But, if done by trying to sell to one or two people as in its B2C counterpart, the sales person will be outsold every time by more thorough competitors.

Through this post, we present some essential tips to help you master the skills of B2B selling.

Get to all the decision-makes including the ultimate one

You must learn who all the influencers are and how to get an interview with each.  There you must learn their expectations and how they anticipate getting them.  This is not about pushing your product/service but learning what each wants.  Once this is surfaced, you can expose them and entice them to other benefits you have which they may not have mentioned.  In this way you will extract each person’s full vision.

Present to each

A lot of B2B sales people commit the fatal error of giving a group presentation.  This is deadly because each decision-maker wants to be sure his or her vision is delivered and each will be reluctant to speak up in a group setting.  Therefore, the sales person really won’t know of hidden objections.  Those that pursue the one-on-ones will have a distinct advantage.

Then, presentations must focus on what that individual wanted, not what others wanted or what the sales person thinks is important.  The sales person must stay on point, especially with C-Suite and top people.

Ask for feedback

After presenting, ask each person how they feel about what was presented.  If good, go for commitment or the order.  If OK or not-so-good, ask the person to explain the issue and what s/he wants you to do about it.  It’s amazing what you’ll hear. Then try to alleviate that problem or walk away.

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5 free e-books offered by Sam Manfer

5 free e-books offered by Sam Manfer

With years of expertise in the sales industry, Sam Manfer has become a renowned name among the professionals from the USA. His sales seminars and books have helped a myriad of individuals who want to make it big in the world of selling.

To help the sales professionals, he also offers various e-books for free. Here we present a brief description of each of these e-books.

  • Getting Past Gatekeepers and Blockers

As the name suggests, this book offers strategies on handling the blockers and gatekeepers. You will learn how to reach the C-Level executives without alienating the contacts.

  • Meaningful Questions to Engage C-Levels

Learn which type of questions will help you extract maximum amount of information. You will also come to know about how executives get excited and get ready to purchase your service/product.

  • Managing Sales People for Selling to the C-Suite

Sales managers can hone their skills on ways to mentor, coach, and train a sales team. You will also come to know about the strategies for managing different generation of salesmen, like millennials and boomers.

  • Networking secrets to gain access to C-Levels

You are able to create different portals to reach C-Levels after reading this book. How to get maximum benefit through networking is also taught in this book.

  • The Guide to Retail Sales

Salesmen from retail stores can learn the ways to excite the customers when they visit the store. Some useful strategies for up-selling are also taught in it.

4 Simple Steps for C-level Selling

4 Simple Steps for C-level Selling

The main reason companies and sales people lose orders is the sales person delivered the wrong message. It isn’t about price, or competition having something you don’t have.  S/He hears his or her vision of what’s needed will be fulfilled by someone other than you.

Bottom line and never forget it: The message the ultimate decision maker wanted to hear was not your message. Either you gave the wrong message or whoever gave it for you got it wrong or made it wrong.  Therefore, if you want more sales and cross-sells, you have to start C-Level Selling

4 Simple Steps for C-level Selling

  1. Identify who the ultimate decision maker is.
    This can be difficult to do. Many dress-up as the ultimate decision-maker. Rule of thumb: If it is a change to the company or over $10,000 the decision will be approved in the C-Suit.  Watch my free Networking Video.
  2. Gain access to the ultimate decision-maker.
    Many subordinates will try to keep you away from the final, final approval. You may also be your biggest blocker – fear of alienating you contact, or your own anxiety of selling to the C-Levels.
    Read my free E-Book, “Getting Past Gatekeepers and Blockers.”
  3. Interview the ultimate decision-maker.
    Ask C-level questions to engage him in conversation that explores what challenges/problems he wants solved or desires he wants fulfilled, and how he’d like to get them. Remember this is about the ultimate decision-maker, not you. Therefore, you have to get him or her to tell you the message s/he wants to hear.
    Read my free E-Book, “C-Level Questions and Interviewing Techniques.”
  4. Present the message the ultimate decision-maker wants to hear .
    Based on the message the ultimate decision-maker wants to hear, use your portfolio of solutions to show him how he can get them. Structure your presentation to show you can deliver successfully and with minimum risk of failure.  Prove you’ve done it before.  Use numbers, names and details to make it believable and remember-able. Most importantly stay on the points of the message/solution/desire s/he wants and how s/he wants to get it.
    Watch my C-Level presentations video seminar.

Once s/he sees s/he can get the solutions or desires from you, s/he will buy. Competition will not have a chance, unless you missed something, or you didn’t make it believable enough that you can deliver.

C-Level Selling is a process for winning –over the ultimate decisions-makers who reside at the top. Once you do that, sales and profitable large accounts are very easy to win and maintain.