5 free e-books offered by Sam Manfer

5 free e-books offered by Sam Manfer

With years of expertise in the sales industry, Sam Manfer has become a renowned name among the professionals from the USA. His sales seminars and books have helped a myriad of individuals who want to make it big in the world of selling.

To help the sales professionals, he also offers various e-books for free. Here we present a brief description of each of these e-books.

  • Getting Past Gatekeepers and Blockers

As the name suggests, this book offers strategies on handling the blockers and gatekeepers. You will learn how to reach the C-Level executives without alienating the contacts.

  • Meaningful Questions to Engage C-Levels

Learn which type of questions will help you extract maximum amount of information. You will also come to know about how executives get excited and get ready to purchase your service/product.

  • Managing Sales People for Selling to the C-Suite

Sales managers can hone their skills on ways to mentor, coach, and train a sales team. You will also come to know about the strategies for managing different generation of salesmen, like millennials and boomers.

  • Networking secrets to gain access to C-Levels

You are able to create different portals to reach C-Levels after reading this book. How to get maximum benefit through networking is also taught in this book.

  • The Guide to Retail Sales

Salesmen from retail stores can learn the ways to excite the customers when they visit the store. Some useful strategies for up-selling are also taught in it.

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