Account Management

This is a process for building an interactive, ongoing business plan with your existing customers. Current clients are the easiest place to prospect and the easiest to close for more sales of the same or other services you can offer. They will also indicate what new products to develop and will most likely support the effort in any number of ways. However, these clients have to see your company as a resource to help them do a better job with their customers. Therefore a conscious effort must be made to build a partnership through senior (C-Suite) managers in order to be seen as special rather than a commodity. This process shows how to build win-win plans together and what to do to keep them current and on track.


  • Become the preferred supplier
  • Capture 100% of the business from existing customers
  • Cross-Selling and relationship development

Bottom Line Impact:

  • More sales, faster, with better pricing and profitability
  • Eliminate bidding
  • Avoid pricing squeezes
  • Overcome the no budget issues
  • Competitive advantage
  • Road map and sponsoring of new product development

What’s Covered:

  • Interviews and research required to understand the account
  • Framing the clients state of affairs as it relates to your companies
  • Building strategies and objectives
  • Building plans/programs/investments to accomplish the objectives
  • Determining revenue potential and forecast of sales
  • Meeting venues, process and agenda

What’s Unique:

  • Team Approach
    • Customer’s team is prepared and seller’s team is customer focused
  • State of the Customer
    • Customer makes sellers strengths, weaknesses, and role clear
  • State of the Seller
    • Expectations for future sales are detailed
  • Small Group Workshop
    • Process of building the plan together

Take Aways:

  • Focus that customers demand attention in a structured manner in order to grow their sales
  • Different parts of the same company need different business plans and focused attention
  • Structured method to build the business plan, get the right people involved and produce agreement as to responsibilities and schedules
  • Systematic approach to move from commodity to preferred supplier to consultant, and if you choose, the level of resources to make it happen

Program Process:

  • Pre-workshop conference is conducted with teams – sales, ops, tech, support, etc. for specific customers. All are then required to interview and research aspects of the client
  • Concepts are presented to the group. Clients are encouraged to participate. Participants build the plan with their team. Then, the whole group debriefs on issues, and concerns
  • Group size – up to 30 people preferred. Small teams – 5-7 people
  • Program materials include workbook and worksheets (computerized), book and CD

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