C-Suite & C-Level Selling “Those with the In, Win”

  • Secure sales, cross-sells and upsells.
  • Leverage C-Level executive connections against competition.
  • Negotiate your price with those who seek value first.
  • Offer ideas to the powerful who create initiatives and approve final vendor selection.

Selling in the C-Suite is critical to the success of any company or individual trying to attain success.  Sam Manfer is the leading expert on C-Level Selling. His book TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER$ has inspired tens of thousands of sales people and managers to seek and attain access to the C-Suite, engage busy executives, win their trust, and leverage their relationships and influence for profitability and successful account management.

C-Level Selling is a process where sales professionals learn to:

  • Identify the ultimate decision-makers and influencers,
  • Gain access to them by winning-over gatekeepers and blockers,
  • Engage them in meaningful conversations to reveal the real desires and decision criteria necessary to win the order or maintain preferred status,
  • Present uniquely, and to differentiate to prove their proposals are the best fit of all alternatives, including doing nothing, and
  • Create and nurture ongoing C-Suite relationships that win more sales, cross-sells and referrals.

However, every sales team is different, every company unique, and every industry has it’s own characteristics. Therefore the proprietary and proven concepts of all SMI’s C-Level Selling Seminars are customizes to fit your needs, your company and your industry.

But most importantly, SMI coaches and mentors your selling team to implement what’s learned and feel comfortable and confident putting into actions the strategies, concepts and techniques.

Read on to review SMI’s method and how our sessions pay for themselves immediately, or

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Program Process:

  • Pre-Seminar:
    • Phone interviews with key managers and 2-3 sales people to determine needs and desires.
  • Participants practice in small groups using 2-3 actual accounts information.
  • Participants practice and get team feedback with peers and managers to become comfortable using the concepts.
  • The whole group debriefs and sorts through issues, comments, concerns, applications, etc.
  • Group size – up to 30 people preferred. Small teams – 5-7 people
  • Program materials include workbook and worksheets (computerized), book and CDs.

What’s Covered:
Strategies, Tactics and Techniques for:

  • Developing confidence and credibility,
  • Identifying the ultimate decision-maker,
  • Gaining access to the C-Suite w/o alienating contacts
  • C-level questions and probing techniques. 
  • Unique presentations to differentiate and win,
  • Developing relationships with all of the C-Suite,
  • Maintaining and leveraging C-level influence for cross-sells, upsells and more sales.

What’s Unique: 

  • Confidence Building
    • Eliminate executive intimidation and call reluctance,
  • The Credibility Pyramid
    • Go from introduction to trusted consultant,
  • C-Level Focused Interviewing
    • Gather critical information and consultively expose your insights,
  • Presenting to Win
    • Unique presentations that differentiate and prove expert capabilities,
  • Leveraging C-Level Influence
    • Excite C-levels for up-sells and cross-sells without being pushy.

Take Aways:

Shorten Sales Cycles • Be seen as the Preferred Supplier • Overcome “No Budget” issues • Competitive Advantage • More Profitable Sales • Learn quickly if There Really Is a Deal • Get Critical Information • Get Referrals and Introductions to Other Key Executives

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Sam Manfer delivers key note speeches and in-depth selling work shops for those anxious to increase sales. His hands-on coaching turns individuals and sales organizations into selling whirlwinds. Sam’s selling awards and Million $ sales recognition’s support his methods. His book, TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER$ along with his Matching Chemistry’s CD and sales seminars replace selling myths and clichés that frustrate decision makers with a proven approach that captures their attention. Follow Sam’s C-Level Selling Blog for more insights. Sign-up for his free Selling E-Zine.