Don’t Let Your Hard-Earned Relationship Stagnate

Don’t Let Your Hard-Earned Relationship Stagnate

Sales people continually tell me they have great relationships with their clients’ C-Level executives.  Well, here is the test.

What have you done for your executive lately?

What has your executive done for you lately?

This is the win-win bond that defines a positive professional executive relationship.

Today’s sales nugget from my book Take Me to Your Leaders reminds you to keep your guard up; competitors will move in quickly if you don’t maintain your professional relationships.

The executive has approved and bought your product/service, and now is the time to cement your professional relationship.

  • Deliver and remind him you worked hard to make it happen.
  • Provide continued results that offer “positive professional impacts,”
  • Keep asking questions to stay current on needs and expectations,
  • Make a specific plan for ongoing contact and meetings – not necessarily social contact;
  • If the C- level is pleased (when asked) with the results you’ve been delivering, then ask for more business,

Don’t slack off or competitors will find an opening — relationships are assets to maintain and reassess frequently.

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