Effective Sales Calls with Influential Executives

Make sales calls count for sales. No more, “We’ll think about it.” but rather, “Tell me more.”

Sales calls are the essence of selling, developing relationships, managing accounts and the platform for any negotiation, and unless it produces a sale quickly, it costs you thousands of dollars. 

SMI’s Effective Sales Calls process brings the sales person into the focus of buyers’ reasons to buy and what’s keeping them from commitment. It discusses interviewing to gain critical information; exposing and enticing him/her towards your initiatives; presenting to differentiate and show expertise; handle objections; and secure commitment to move forward in the sale, the relationship, or other desired objectives of the person you’re meeting.

SMI’s Effective Sales Calls is the most powerful education for moving C-Level and other powerful people to commitment – be it sales, account management, and/or sales management.

  • Learn the individual’s motivation, desired results and all factors playing into this person’s mindset.
  • Gain the confidence and credibility to be seen as competent and believable.
  • Win the recipient’s vote and move forward to commitment.
  • Leverage buyers trust for upsells, cross-sells, information and introductions to others.

Competition will never say, again, about you, “We do that also.”  Why, because SMI shows you how to prove your uniqueness, no matter what you are selling.

You will become the preferred supplier.  Sales will close quicker.  You’ll get your price. Your revenues will soar beyond targets and goals.

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Guaranteed Immediate Payback

Each participant brings information for 2 upcoming sales calls and the group help prepare strategies, tactics and techniques to be implemented on those next sales calls.  The results from these sales calls alone more than pay for the cost of the seminar and the time spent out of the field.

What’s Covered:

Call preparation; Developing credibility; Getting the attention of the recipient to have a meeting; Developing questions to get information, get feedback and get commitment; Handling objections, issues and no’s; Team approach to calls; Presentation skills

What’s Unique:

  • Investigative Reporter – Questioning and Listening Skills using your own style and strengths
  • Building One of a Kind Value Propositions – Captivating the listener and leaving Competition Behind
  • Enticing and Exposing – Consulting to bring the buyer into your agenda

Program Process:

  • Concepts are presented to the group.
    • Participants practice in small groups of 4-6 peers.
    • Using actual sales opportunities, participants get comfortable using the process and get team feedback.
    • Then, the whole group debriefs on issues, comments, concerns, applications, etc.
      • Group size – up to 30 people preferred. Small teams – 5-7 people
      • Program materials include workbook and worksheets (can be computerized).

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