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Getting Past Gatekeepers and Blockers

  • Get to the C-Suite without alienating your contacts,
  • 6 reasons why subordinates try to keep you away,
  • 3 strategies to use when confronted with a gatekeeper,
  • How to prepare yourself to avoid your biggest blocker,
  • Sure fire actions to set-up subordinates so they don’t block you.

Meaningful Questions to Engage C-Levels

  • What questions  to ask that yield an arsenal of information,
  • What excites executives to believe and buy,
  • How to differentiate anything,
  • To attain prospects’ commitment on the first visit.
  • How to shorten sales cycles.
  • How to cross-sell and capture customers’ business forever.

Managing Sales People for Selling to the C-Suite

  • 3 ways for motivating and holding sales people accountable.
  • How to train, coach, and mentor an over-achieving sales team.
  • How to effectively manage aging boomers and newer millennials.
  • What could be done better in your approach and management.

Networking Secrets to Gain Access to C-Levels

  • Work networking functions to walk away with introductions and referrals that work for you.
  • Create multiple ports of entry so when one person holds you back, you can easily talk with others without alienating your main contacts.
  • Develop coaches who can give you critical information and lead you into the offices of those you want to meet.

The Guide to Retail Sales

  • Something better than “Can I help you?”
  • A response to “Just Looking”
  • How to excite people when they walk into your store or department.
  • How to get people to open-up about what they need and/or want.
  • How to convert people into buyers without wanting to shop around.
  • How to up-sell shoppers to buy more items.