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Preferred Status and More by Selling in the C-Suite

Sales are your life-blood and your sales people are the arteries to deliver those sales, cross-sells and more profitable sales. So to protect and/or enhance your success, show your sales team how to get the C-levels – the ultimate decision-makes who say, “Yes” or “I’d like us to work with someone else.”

If you haven’t already trained your sales people and sales management on how to navigate-to and win-over today’s savvy, well informed top executives, it time to make the investment in your company’s future now. 

Sam Manfer is the leading expert on C-Level Selling.  Sam’s Sales Mastery Institute has perfected the training of this critical concept.  SMI has also has become the leader of teaching, coaching and mentoring in “The Science of Selling” – the socio-psychological dynamics that get prospects to buy.

And as you are painfully aware,

Those with the In at the C-Level, Win!

Don’t waste another minute thinking whether or not training is needed.  You know it’s needed.  The sooner you do it, the sooner you’ll realize the results. 

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But just in case you think your group or business is different. SMI prides itself on customization to accommodate the needs and desires of each of our clients.  Your instructor will have proven experience with your industry and will learn about your company before any actions are taken. We know every sales team is different. Every company has its own demands and every industry is unique. Therefore,

All SMI’s training is customized to suit the needs and desires of our clients.

Invest in the Future of Your Selling Team Now!

  • Sales Mastery Institute training has doubled, tripled, and quadrupled closing rates and increased sales revenues by as much as 50% for our clients.
    • “Using what Sam taught us, we increased our hit ratio from 39% to 68% for complex sales we selected to pursue.”Bill Bowden, Sales Training Manager Emerson Corporations
  • SMI training has reduced bid and proposal costs by over 50% and helped clients increase customer’s retention from 60% to 90%.
    • Sam’s work with both sales and operations helped my division become the most successful of our worldwide organization. My division closed 50 percent more sales in one year and pricing margins nearly doubled.  Large account retentions are higher and there is a real team spirit.” Ron Bon, President Sodexo Schools Division

Since 1995 Sales Mastery has trained tens of thousands of sales people in over 20 different industries including B2B, Retail, Consulting and Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Technology, Equipment, Healthcare, etc. in 17 different countries including China, Japan, Mexico, South America, and Europe.

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The Science of Selling

Both psychology and sociology explain what motivates buyers and drives them to action or resistance, as they deal with bosses, associates and competitive options. Sales Mastery understands these emotions; fears, desires, responsibilities, and idiosyncrasies and uses them to prescribe how sales people should approach prospects to favorably influence their actions.

Sales people and managers also have their own emotions; fears, desires, responsibilities, and idiosyncrasies and Sales Mastery shows how to use and adjust so that sales people interact more effectively with buyers and sales managers to help handle their staff leading to more sales.

Sales Mastery’s Method

Before any training begins, all our endeavors start with management and sales people interviews to uncover desires, challenges, and needs.  The results of these interviews are discussed with management and a program is proposed to deliver the desires, alleviate the challenges, and produce skilled sales and sales management professionals capable of out-preforming competition and exceeding corporate sales goals

Our classes are 25 people or less to insure personal attention. Participants learn not only from our experienced sales professionals, but also from each other. All participants bring their own sales opportunities to the workshops. Each individual applies the concepts to his or her opportunities and then they’re discussed with their team of 3-5 peers.

This powerful instructional, application and feedback technique encourages sales people to change accordingly. Each participant with feedback from his or her team creates actual actions, strategies and tactics to be used immediately to close the opportunities they brought to the training.

The sales closed from the sales opportunities they bring to the session alone, pays for the workshop many times over.

Sales Mastery Seminar Concepts Include:

  • Take Me To Your Leader$ – C-Level Selling
  • Large Account Management
  • Effective Sales Calls and Presentations
  • Strategies for the Complex Sale
  • Prospecting / Territory Management                             

    New Internet Seminars

  • Sales Management

Other Skills Training and Services

  • Skills Assessments
  • Sales Mastery
  • Customer Service
  • Leadership – Managers
  • Team Building
  • Working with Different Behavioral Styles
  • Prospecting
  • Forecasting
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Sales MBA

Sam Manfer also delivers key note speeches and in-depth selling work shops for those anxious to increase sales. His hands-on coaching turns individuals and sales organizations into selling whirlwinds. Sam’s selling awards and million dollar sales recognition supports his methods. His book, TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER$ along with his Matching Chemistry’s CD and sales seminars replace selling myths and clichés that frustrate decision makers with a proven approach that captures their attention. Follow Sam’s C-Level Selling Blog for more insights. Sign-up for his free Selling E-Zine.

Let Sam Manfer show you how to connect with ultimate decision makers and close more sales. 
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