Proposals and Presentations

  1. Increasing Your Chances of Winning Competitive BidsThis article will show you how to unseat incumbents and win bids, proposals and presentations.

  2. Choosing the Right RFP’s and Avoiding the Wrong RFP’s – Chasing and bidding any RFP is a real waste.  This article will show the process of selecting the ones you’ll win.

  3. Strategies for Writing Proposals -To win a contract or a sale your proposal better hit the mark better than competitive ones.  This article will show how to write winners.

  4. Presentation Tactics to Make Your C-Level Audience Buy into You -This article will discuss making your presentation to come to life for C-Level audiences

  5. Preparations for C-Level Presentations Make PerfectProposals are meaningless without a take-it-to-the-bank presentations.  This article will help you prepare so that the actual event comes off as a winner.