Sales Calls and Investigative Selling

  1. Asking Sales Questions Is Easier Said Than Done – It’s easy to tell a sales person to ask questions and listen more. Doing it is very difficult.  Here are 5 steps to make the process easy and productive for closing sales.
  2. The Most Effective Way To Put Pressure On The Buyer To Take Action Now – 8 steps to keep the sale moving forward.
  3. The Most Important Selling Tip – Turn a Phrase and Go Right-Back at ’em
  4. Top 8 Steps to Guarantee Closing Sales:  No matter how complex a sale, follow these steps and you will close sales every time.  And don’t kid yourself by saying it won’t work for your type of sale.
  5. Lead with “You” for Proactive Relationship Selling: This article will give some powerful tips to open-up buyers’ minds to you.
  6. The One Liner to Differentiate Yourself from Competition   – Learn what buyers want before you tell them what you’re selling.
  7. BE DISTINCT OR BECOME EXTINCT Differentiating Your Company and Products to Prospects and Customers
  8. More Market Share Is Two Questions Away