Sales Management Seminars

Increase sales revenues, 

Shorten sales cycles,

Run with accurate forecasts

Retain and grow large accounts.

SMI trains and mentors sales managers

Most managers have never been trained to manage sales people. They may have risen to the position because of their selling success, but few translate selling skills into management skills. Sales people are independent-minded usually wanting to do it their own way and now generational and gender diversity has made it even more challenging to manage for results.

We show how to work-with, motivate, and extract sales victories from each of their sales people.  We show the managers how to set-up a selling process for all to follow.  This leads to unity, discipline, clarity, and transparency for top management.

Don’t expect managers to figure-out sales management on their own.  If they do, it will take too much time and the chaos caused may be irreconcilable.

Sam Manfer and Sales Mastery Institute

SMI has trained, coached and inspired tens of thousands of sales people and managers to seek and attain selling success.  Sam Manfer is the leading expert on C-Suite selling, and all of his processes focus on accessing the C-Suite, engaging busy executives, win all influencers’ trust, and leveraging their relationships and influence for profitability and successful account management.

Make the investment today. Train your sales manager to teach, coach, mentor and hold sales people accountable. Well skilled managers and sales people are happy and successful employees.

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Knowing the selling processes and how to manage them is the key to sales management success. So at SMI’s Sales Management Seminar we focus on all of the following processes.

Sales Management for Selling at the C-Level

SMI shows managers how to drive their sales people to the ultimate decision-makers without alienating lower level subordinates.  This is a challenge because sales people are resistant. They are either intimidated/uneasy, feels it’s not necessary, or just don’t want to make the effort.  So managers must learn how to overcome these issues and get sales people selling in the C-Suite. Through active role play and other exercises SMI give managers the questions to ask and signs to note to know if the sales people are getting to where they have to be.

Sales Management for Winning Complex, Competitive, Big Sales Opportunities

Selling Strategically is a very effective sales process for big sales.  Thinking your product and pricing is the best and that your sales person will do the right things are a recipe for losing the deal.  These sought after opportunities require a strategic approach and managers must make sure sales people are following a path to winning.  Too many times the sale is lost and management scrambles to do what should have been done in the beginning, but it’s too late.

SMI walks managers through the strategy of knowing if the deal has a chance of success for your company.  Then we show how to identify all who must be won-over and how to do it.  Then we show how to keep competition at bay while securing your price, and finally how to turn one sale into an up-sell and cross-sell.  Without management knowing these elements and knowing how to drive sales people to enact them, you’re leaving this desired opportunity up to chance – a poor one at that.

Sales Management for Territory Management and Accurate Forecast

Sales managers have to motivate and show sales people how to uncover more and more leads from existing accounts, competitors’ accounts, or do-it-yourselfers.  At SMI we show how to conduct intensive, yet short Funnel Reviews, which separate the fluff from the facts and give sales people marching orders to move pipedreams out and real deals down the funnel to closing.  This is a management skill that is not intuitive and sales people are very clever in disguising their activities.  Too much time is usually justifying how-come, rather than what-now.

Sales Management for Success Sales Calls

Sales managers must hold sales people accountable for call preparation and delivering expected results.  Too many sales people show up at prospects’ companies to see what they can find out and push their initiative.  Their closing rates are usually less than 30% and their selling expense is thousands and thousands of dollars.

SMI gives managers the tools to make sure every sales’ call is well planned and well executed.  Either the sales person will advance to commitment and/or the close, or pack up the tent and move-on.  No more multiple calls that lead to a slow selling death.

This full menu is customized to suit your particular needs. It can be a group session or one-on-one.  It usually takes 6-7 hours and can be arranged if necessary to fit grueling schedules.

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