Selling Strategies

Selling is process, and a socio-psychological science. It starts with understanding the influencers involved with a complex sale and taking actions to win-over each one towards your initiative.   Strategic thinking is critical because others are also pursuing this sale – be it outside competition or the do it in-house ones. 

Sales Mastery provides salespeople and managers the tools not only to navigate successfully through a sale but most importantly how to look deep into a sales opportunity and determine accurately the chances of success without wasting time and resources on costly proposals and drawn out sales cycles.

SMI shows how to handle competition and get the pricing needed for profitable sales. Our process moves you  into getting connected with the influential decision makers and winning their trust. It outlines what critical information is needed and how to get it. The system walks you through building the strategies and action plans to win the sale, even though many individuals are involved and who usually have different agendas.

Bottom Line Impact:

  • Close sales faster
  • Turn sales people into 70% closers
  • Choose the right customers and right opportunities for profitable sales
  • Out maneuver the competition and other alternative
  • Get Your Price
  • Get to and win the votes of the influential people
  • Strategies to improve position or move-on to better opportunities

What’s Covered:

  • Strategies, tactics, and techniques for:
    • Prioritizing, prospecting, and proactive pursuit
    • Developing coaches and paths for penetration
    • Winning over key decision- makers
    • Getting your price
    • Handling competition
    • Dealing with purchasing, gatekeepers and RFP’s
    • Overcoming problems, threats and other red flags
    • Identifying strengths that matter and using them to move forward.

What’s Unique:

  • The Opportunity Matrix
    • A Process to identify and aggressively pursue sales
  • Levels I and II strategies
    • Getting critical information and improving position
  • The Science of Selling
    • Breaking the pricing and competition paradigms

Take Aways:

  • A methodology to know if the opportunity is real
  • A gauge to judge if it’s right for you and your probability of success – early-on
  • A process to win the sale faster, with less ambiguity and more profitably
  • An action plan that’s repeatable, consistent and systematic

Program Process:

  • Concepts are presented to the group
  • Participants practice in small groups
  • Using actual sales opportunities, participants get comfortable using the process and get team feedback
  • Then, the whole group debriefs on issues, comments, concerns, applications, etc.
    • Group size – up to 30 people preferred. Small teams – 5-7 people
    • Program materials include workbook and worksheets (can be computerized).

Sam Manfer delivers key note speeches and in-depth selling work shops for those anxious to increase sales. His hands-on coaching turns individuals and sales organizations into selling whirlwinds. Sam’s selling awards and Million $ sales recognition’s support his methods. His book, TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER$ along with his Matching Chemistry’s CD and sales seminars replace selling myths and clichés that frustrate decision makers with a proven approach that captures their attention. Follow Sam’s C-Level Selling Blog for more insights. Sign-up for his free Selling E-Zine.

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