Selling to C-Level and Top Executives

  1. 3 Steps to Quickly Build Credibility When Selling To C-Level Executives -This article shows how to quickly establish credibility with C-Levels and other powerful executives.
  2. Overcome Executive Intimidation for C-Level Selling – Powerful people make everyone nervous, but if we don’t deal with it as sales people, we’ll never get to the real decision makers.

  3. Five Tips for Creating C-Level Selling Confidence – One of the most powerful tools for C-Level Selling, selling to doctors or any influential people is confidence.  So here a 5 tips to help you build your confidence.

  4. C- Level Selling — Subtleties Make Big Differences in C-Level Selling – A few words rephrased, or a few actions rearranged can make huge differences, however, without a sales coach you’ll never them pick-up in your approach or delivery.

  5. C-Level Selling – A Sales Person’s Best Resource – Sales managers and sales people are sympathetic to other salespeople.  Learn how they will help you get to the C-Level and make your sale to their companies.

  6. Sales Peoples’ Biggest Weakness – C-Level Selling – If you want overachieving salespeople they must know how to and be comfortable C-Level Selling.  Most sales people deliver mediocre results because they lack this skill set. Learn how to put this missing major element into your salespeople. 

  7. The Most Powerful, Yet Least Used Sales Questions – Learn how to get commitment from C-Level executive and how to handle resistance, ambivalence and “No’s”.

  8. The First Rule for Handling Gatekeepers and Blockers – This C-level relationship selling article will help avoid and /or handle gatekeepers and blockers before they become impenetrable.

  9. C-Level Relationship Selling Requires More than Getting People to Like You – Getting people to like you is an overused, selling myth. This article will tell you what’s required  to close sales.

  10. C-Level Selling -Handling The Low Price Issue –Price is not the issue when selling – even when you really feel it is. This article may even let you get a premium price. 

  11. C-Level Relationship Selling Is the Best Market Strategy Anytime – Entering new markets is deadly unless you have access to the high level decision makers of the new market companies.
  12. C-Level Relationship Selling – Enhance and Protect Your Client’s Career C-Level Relationship selling is all about giving executives what it takes for them to advance and/or to keep their jobs.

  13. 7 Advanced Tips for C-Level Relationship Selling – Interviewing, Presenting and ClosingSelling executives requires finesses and selling skills beyond the basics.

  14. Slaying the Gatekeepers – How to Get to the Top to Make the Sale – Shows sales people and managers how To Get to Top, Senior Level Decision Makers with plans and selling strategies to deal with blockers and gatekeepers.

  15. Those with the “IN” Win- 5 Steps to Get Connected with Top Decision Makers Those with Selling Connections win more sales and network using relationships to get to powerful decision makers. This is a 5 step process to get to decision makers.

  16. The Power of Selling in the Executive SuiteSales begin from the bottom-up or the top-down. They can begin internally from a perceived need, or they can begin externally from a marketing presentation.  No matter how the sale initiates it ends with the executive in charge of the decision saying yes or no.

  17. 5 Tips for Getting Meetings with Corporate Leaders5 quick tips to help get connected and stay connected to senior level executives and hard to see buyers

  18. Executive Reluctance – 5 Tips for Overcoming Fear and Making the Sale – Become confident to make sales calls on high level decision makers and be seen as creditable.

  19. Just How Confident Are You – Selling Article: How to gain confidence. Getting to top decision makers require being confident.

  20. 4 Quick Tips for Cross Selling – The easiest and fastest way to increase sales.

  21. The Two Most Neglected Selling ElementsWhat sales people and managers overlook, don’t practice or forget.

  22. 6 Steps to Prepare Yourself for Relationship SellingForget Cold Calling: Relationship selling is the most effective way to prospect.

  23. Take Control and Your Relationships Will Flourish – Control in a sale or relationship means knowing what the other person is thinking and using those thoughts to influence and close.

  24. Executive Relationships – The PrimerThese are the executives you need to meet to make sales. How do you get to them? How do you develop a relationship with them? The answers are spelled out in this primer.

  25. Fear Is a Sales Person’s Biggest Challenge – Overcome Negative Projection and Its Debilitating Power