Signs that you are selling to the wrong people

If you are confused on why you are not achieving targets in spite of a great product and a skilled team, the chances are you are selling at the wrong level.

Large Account Retetion
Large Account Retetion

Here we have listed some signs to show that it is the time to start seeking the C-Suite and other powerful influencers.

The target lacks required budget

There might be a possibility that the target clients have a capping-related to the expenses for their organization. If the price is exceeding the budget, the prospects will resist pursuing the product.   However, the C-levels create budgets, modify budgets and can re-assign budget dollars from one area to another, if they feel your proposal has merit in their eyes.

Your solution is not a priority

The basis of selling is solving a challenge that a prospect faces. If your product or service, in spite of being novel, is not helping a client solving his/her issues, then your product is no good to them.  However, many low level people have more than enough to do and/or don’t want to take on the effort and risk of doing something different.  Top people look at this differently.  So be very careful about whose priority it doesn’t match?

Communication issues

If you are selling at the lower levels, these people do not usually speak the language of the top people.  They say things like “price is too high,” “no budget,” “too difficult to change,” and more.  Therefore communications need to be at the top.  This is not to say you only communicate at the top. But, if you listen to only the subordinates, you really won’t know what’s truth and what’s fiction.

The target does not have the authority

Many a subordinate and committee will tell you they are the final authority.  It’s just not true.  Yet, the real ultimate buyer may very disguised and shielded. Trying to sell only to someone who is not authorized to purchase the products/service is the biggest mistake a sales person can make.

Conclusion: You can seek the necessary knowledge from  C-Level Selling training seminars that can help you overcome these hurdles. This way, you can achieve success faster and easier.

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