Territory Management

This is a process that yields the most sales out of a territory. It starts with identification of the sold and unsold potential – existing customers, new customers, competitors’ customers with existing or new products/services. The process then prioritizes using developed criteria for the best customers and best opportunities that are right for your company that have the best chances of closing.  Then, effective prospecting campaigns are described and built to aggressively pursue best case situations and future candidates. This minimizes the dependency on RFP’s which are much lower probability and lower profit opportunities. The process gives managers a communication tool to discuss actions for pursuing prospects and moving sales forward.  This makes sales people accountable while managers will quickly learn the truth about the sales. Mangers will also be able to quickly recognize the behaviors that are hindering/helping the subordinates’ succeed. From this review accurate forecasts can be built and programs to improve the sales person’s skills can be created.

Bottom Line Impact:

  • Sell more, faster with better pricing and profitability
  • Proactive selling approach
  • Keeps the opportunity funnel full of good prospects
  • Drives selling vs. reacting to RFP’s
  • Produces accurate forecasts
  • Indicators of sales peoples deficiencies and strength
  • Maximization time utilization of sales people
  • Managers manage vs. sell
    • Seen as a help vs. a threat
  • Early warnings
    • Is there really going to be a sale

What’s Covered:

  • Building the matrix of opportunities
  • Developing criteria for the right customers and right opportunities
  • Prospecting approaches and pursuit plans for future business
  • Forecasting accurately
  • Funnel reviews
    • Issues discussed and actions to move sales forward

What’s Unique:

  • Opportunity Matrix
    • Probability and process to proactively drive opportunities
  • Territory Review Process
    • Developing sales people to be accountable for actions and competition dates as well as total management of the sale
  • The 6 Tier Prospecting Pyramid
    • Successful strategies from call-in’s to cold calling
  • Forecasting Accurately
    • A proven tool for quick and in-depth calculations

Take Aways:

  • Proven methodology to manage a sales territory to yield maximum sales
  • Dependable process to forecast accurately
  • Structured prospecting program that’s easy to implement and gets results
  • System to monitor and improve sales people behaviors yet be seen as a helper to their success
  • Visibility of the territory’s potential, how to get more sales from it

Program Process:

  • Concepts are presented to the group
  • Participants practice in small groups
  • Using their actual territory, they get comfortable with the process and get team feedback
  • Then, the whole group debriefs on issues, comments, concerns, applications, etc.
  • Group size – up to 30 people preferred. Small teams – 5-7 people
  • Program materials include workbook and worksheets (computerized), book and CD.

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